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Planning how many hours of wedding coverage you will need can be a daunting task, as their are a lot of variables to consider when planning out your day. With over 7 years of experience in the wedding industry here are a few things to consider when trying to determine how much coverage you will need on your wedding day.

1. Bride Prep - It is usually it is best for your photographers to arrive toward the end of your hair appointment prior to your makeup session. This gives the photographer plenty of time to get your prep shots.

2. Groom Prep - It is usually the groom only requires 15-30 minutes of prep time prior to the start of his formal photos.

3. Pre-Ceremony - Plan on having an hour available for the Bride and Bridesmaids photos, and another hour available for the Groom and Groomsmen photos. If your timeline is really tight between your ceremony and reception it is recommended that the bride and groom see each other prior to the ceremony. We will still organize a big reveal that allows us to capture the two of you seeing each other for the first time. If you are considering seeing each other prior to the ceremony consult with us on how to maximize your timeline.

4. Between Ceremony and Formals - If you intend on having a receiving line or if you are dismissing by pew after the ceremony be sure to account for 30-45 minutes for that activity.

5. Formal Session - Organization is the key to fast and efficient family formals. Having a list of photos put together beforehand helps but it is best to designate a family member to call out family groups for photos since the photographer does not know who specific members of your family are. Church formals generally run between 30-45 minutes.

6. Location Photos - If you have other locations that you wish to have photos taken, remember to account for travel time and time needed to organize for photos once we arrive at your destination. If you have a large bridal party (20+) add an additional 30-45 minutes to your schedule. Under normal conditions an hour and half of shoot time, plus 30 minutes of travel time is average.

7. Reception Arrival - This is the time that you aim to be through the doors at the reception hall.

8.Dinner - Dinner service usually lasts around an hour.

9. Reception - Usually the DJ handles the flow of the reception, if you are tight on time be sure to coordinate in advance with the DJ to ensure that your major reception events occur before your photographic coverage is scheduled to end.