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Q. What is the rainy day guarantee?

A. With any wedding there is always the risk that inclement weather can hamper our ability to take photographs at your desired locations. In the event that we are unable to accommodate your photographic needs on the wedding day due to weather we will provide, at no cost to you, a post-bridal photo session. Our photography contract lays out the restrictions and limitations.

Q. Do you carry backup equipment?

A. In todays digital age carrying backup gear is more important than ever, we always carry extra gear to ensure that we are never out of action if something fails. We also protect your images in other ways, we backup all
of the digital files onto both a laptop and portable hard drive throughout the day, we also ensure that the laptop and hard drive never travel together, that way if something happened we always have a spare backup.

Q. What are your travel fees?

A. Beginning in 2011 we will be charging a .40 cent per mile travel fee for weddings and engagement sessions that take place beyond a 60 mile radius from the Toledo Metro Area. This is to cover our fuel expenses.

Q. What are your travel fees for long distance weddings?

A. Weddings that require us to fly to a specific destination require that the client book us a flight from DTW to the destination site, and a return flight to DTW. We also require transportation and lodging for 4 days while on location. These fees are in addition to the wedding package that you select. However, if your location were to be in Europe or any other fun exotic location we may consider the flight/travel/lodging as fair trade for our services.

Q. Do I get full rights to my images after the wedding?

A. We grant all of our clients shared unlimited reprint rights with all of their edited images.

Q. Do I get full rights to my engagement session photos?

A. If your package includes an engagement session you are more than welcome to purchase the image disk. The files are available for $200.00.